Zamac Perfume Lid

Zamac Perfume Lid

Customized zamac perfume lid, luxury metal perfume lid for perfume packaging
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Product Details

Zamac Perfume Lid

Customized design and diemsnion

Weight: 90 grams

Fit on FEA15MM bottle

Material: Zamac

Color: Silver

MOQ: 5,000 PCS

Zamac can be done with 2 kind of finishing, one is metallic, the other is galvanization normally, base on that the regular color can be silver, gold, rose gold and black. zamac lid can be done by brushed, matt or shiny surface.
The fitment between Zamac and PP can be riveting, or clicking fit, it depend on customer needs. Zamac perfume cap always give consumer the feeling of heavy and rich.
Most of Niche and luxury perfume brand love to use Zamac lid as one accessories of their perfume. Zamac can be electroplated with real gold or imitation gold, real gold is real luxurious for perfume packaging.

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