Matt Black Zamac Perfume Cap

Matt black color zamac perfume cap is very elegant, the zamac cap of matt black color looks very special and fancy, it's a good choice for Niche perfume packaging
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Product Details

Size: customized

Design: bespoke drawing

Weight: 60grams

Matt black is very special color for perfume cap, it looks silence but the power is strong, it gives the feel of elegant, modest luxury, fancy and exquisite.

Material of the cap is heavy metal, after highly polished, the cap is perfectly done with electroplating.

A matt black zamac perfume cap is a good choice for Niche perfume brands.

The fitment between Zamac and PP can be riveting, or clicking fit, it depend on customer needs. Zamac perfume cap always give consumer the feeling of heavy and rich.

Production process for zamac perfume cap

Representative customers

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