Square Plastic Perfume Lid

Square shape plastic perfume lid, other color is available. It makes your perfume packaging more attractive
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Product Details

Inforamtion of plastic square cap:

Dimension is 27.8*27.8*31mm, color options: silver, gold, black, brown etc.

Fits FEA15mm bottle neck.

International standard neck size of Perfume cap, cosmetic cap are fea13 fea 15 fea18 fea20,
and it can be customized according to different requirements of customers. and different decorations or treatments can be adopted, such as stamping, laser engraving, silk screen printing, hot stamping, secondary oxidation..etc.

The most noteworthy characteristics of ABS cap is its economical cost and flexibility. It has excellent heat and weather resistance, dimensional stability. The raw material is generally opaque, which can be customized in different decorations. A wide range of surface treatments can be applied, such as UV, metalized, watertransfer printing, etc. The ABS cap are flexible formed that can be reach delicate complex design in high accuracy that zamac may not do easily.  Recently, many perfumers like to use ABS weighted with metal inside, that looks similar to expensive zamac quality but cost-effective. The ABS cap is a good choice for middle markets and complex designed project.  

Perfume spray capsPlastic cap production process

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Dimensions: 27.8*27.8*31mmMOQ 10,000pcs


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