Why Are Gift Candles In Bottles Popular?

- Aug 14, 2019-

Gift candle combines elegant outline and fashionable aesthetics. Compared with traditional candles, it is loaded in transparent glass bottles with soft color. Compared with traditional candles, it will not pollute the ground with candle tears after burning. It solves the problem of cleaning. At the same time, incense products have both decorative and functional properties. When burning, the candle light will shine through the glass. It's very warm. Gift candle bottle can be better insulated by special design, is a perfect home decoration!

Since entering the market, we have always been steadfast in bringing higher quality and more cost-effective fragrance products to consumers. Gift candles with high-quality glass and lines with a concise sense of modernity create a unique shape, which can well interpret the style of any room. Detailed blend of the main characteristics of each scent, with the newly developed trend of the fragrance to attract those delicate consumers.

Smooth soybean blended wax and modern fashionable fragrance can create a pleasant, full-room fragrance experience for consumers, and large and medium bottles of fashionable aromatherapy candles contain multiple wicks to ensure the uniform burning of candles. Unique design with decorative aromatherapy tone, the bottle with an artistic watercolor alphabet label, in any room play a finishing decorative role.