What's A Good Way To Open The Cork Of A Red Wine Bottle?

- Oct 12, 2019-

Some technical rules and traditional practices are worth knowing when we are eating wine. Drinking is a deliberate and elegant activity, so we must learn the right skills.


Removing the lead seal casually will damage the elegance of the bottle neck. Inappropriate bottle openers or clumsy bottle opening techniques will damage the cork, making the cork crumbs fall into the wine, which may damage the whole bottle.

The wine waiter first confirms the wine to the guests, and states the wine producing area and year. The wine display method should be based on the principle that the label is easy to read, because the label is just like the identity card of the bottle of wine.

Then, the wine waiter uses a special knife attached to the standard waiter bottle opener to remove the lead seal. The place where the lead seal is cut can be above the bottle strength, or below the convex part, so that the wine can be avoided from touching the lead seal when pouring.

The rim of the bottle is usually dirty, especially if the bottle has been aged in the kiln for a long time, so it must be wiped with a clean white napkin.

The cork can be pulled up smoothly and slowly by the spiral iron cone of the lever bottle opener to avoid damaging the bottle in the process. When the cork is about to leave the bottle mouth, the waiter gently pulls the cork up by hand so that no loud noise will occur. In fact, he works as quietly as possible during the whole process. The spiral iron cone can not penetrate the cork, otherwise the cork sawdust will not occur. It will fall into the bottle.

After pulling out the cork, the waiter wipes the bottle mouth with a napkin. Then he smells the cork. If he finds any odor that indicates that the bottle has changed, he can carefully taste the bottle to confirm his doubts. If necessary, he can replace another bottle of wine. After checking, he first pours some wine to the owner. If the owner expresses his satisfaction with the wine, the waiter will taste it from the owner. On the right hand side, the wine should be poured to the guests. When pouring, each guest should be able to see the label of the wine. The Chinese drinking habit of red wine has been gradually rising in recent years without a special bottle opener. Some families do not have a special bottle opener everyday. At this time, they can also use the two simple methods recommended below to open it.

Methods As soon as the towel was used to pad the wall, the bottom of the red wine was slowly smashed against the wall of the towel pad, and a few more smashes made OK.

Step: Scissor or key the plastic film wrapping the stopper on the red wine bottle.

The bottle holder gently bumps the bottom of the bottle against the wall, and the wine stopper slowly pushes it out.

Repeat 2 until the stopper comes out about half and pull it out by hand. Note: fold a towel on the wall as a buffer.

Hit the bottom of the wine bottle against the towel. Remember not to spend too much time and not too much time when hitting.

The second method is to press the cork in the opposite direction, that is, to press the cork inside the bottle, the bottle will never break, because red wine is different from other breathable drinks, red wine bottles are specially processed, and will not burst because of the pressure you exert. Ordinary people use the bottle opener to pull out the bottle stopper. This method is to press the bottle stopper into the bottle. The effect is the same.

Note: The bottle stopper is very clean. It won't make the wine dirty. It's safe to drink.

Keep the cork as intact as possible so that broken wood chips don't fall into the wine.