There Are So Many Scents Of Aromatherapy Candles, How To Choose If You Give Them Away?

- Aug 10, 2019-

The fragrance type is the same as your own personal perfume. Find out what you like and what is in line with your temperament.

But it can be divided into several categories: fruit, flower, vegetable, Sipple and oriental.

Fruity and flower fragrance literally can understand what it means. The most representative of fruit fragrance is citrus. The typical representative of flower fragrance is jasmine, rose, lily, lily, Lily and so on. If you give someone a gift, don't pick out too vulgar.

Lavender, rosemary, mint and so on are the representatives of herbaceous fragrance. The problem is not too big. Lavender is the safest if it is unstable.

Cypress is a transliterated name (Chypre), which is a typical European tune. Bergamot, moss, leather and so on are all Cypress tunes. If you give someone a gift, you should not choose Xipuxiang easily, because its taste is quite special. The advanced point is not vulgar, but it is not a hard money.