The Perfume Packaging Industry Needs To Innovate

- Nov 22, 2019-

We found a phenomenon. Most small and medium-sized perfume brands produce perfumes, for example, their perfume packaging is essentially a decorative bottle packaging which reproduces big cosmetics companies. The decorative bottles started by well-known cosmetics companies on the market have become the vane of this business and are imitated by little and medium-sized cosmetic factories. Nevertheless, in reality, ordinary consumers won't be unwilling to imitate the organization's cosmetic bottles.

Lancome's black jar, Dior's real cologne, and the decorative bottle packaging of those well-known makeup have impressed customers. But regardless of how other businesses imitate the look of those cosmetic bottles and metal label for perfume bottles, it's hard to make an impression on customers. We think that emerging small and medium-sized cosmetics businesses mimic the packaging of decorative bottles from famous manufacturers. It's much better to innovate, however it's simpler to find recognition from customers. By way of instance, the packaging of decorative bottles with the subject of Chinese frangrance bottle decorations is slowly turning into a characteristic. In the long run, it is going to achieve long-term improvement. 

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