The Importance Of Tape On Metal Labels

- Nov 18, 2019-

Perfume lovers are attracted to the pefume, the fragrance of perfume is important but full of artistic sense and imaginative perfume packaging design is also charming for them. More and more perfume brands love to use metal labels, metal brand logo plates instead of just printing the brand name, because of metal labels'special quality feel and luxury. 

Commonly we are making metal labels from aluminum, zamac, brass and stainless steel. Usually the tape we are using is 3M tape, which has high adhesion and can be transparent.


The metal labels we are making is using for perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles and candle jars,all the metal lables we make are praised by our customers. But once we met problem with the curved canlde label bofore, a brand perfume and candle brand customer gave us feedback that the curved aluminum labels peel off the candle jar because of candle's burning heat, we pay highly attention to this question. Quickly we began to do tests for all tapes and found VHB tape of 3M brand works perfectly, then we made new aluminum labels and replaced the aluminum plaques for customer with using VHB tapes, she was happy and satisfied with our attitude of responsibility. 

For common metal labels, 3M 300LSE, 9448A even some China make tapes are good enough, most important price of such tapes have lower price.  

Would you like to make metal labels for your own fragrance? Please feel free to contact us.