The Advantages Of Balm

- Nov 21, 2019-

As a company that offers perfume packaging solutions, let's talk about the advantages of balm.

1. It is very versatile in winter.

The texture of the balm is oily, very good to push open and moisturizing. Many brands of balm will also add essential oils such as essential oils and coconut oil. Many body parts can be applied, lip, armor and defense. Cleft palate, reduce hair static, etc., is really a veritable universal cream.

2. No alcohol

The main ingredient of the perfume is alcohol, and the main ingredients of the balm are beeswax, petrolatum, coconut oil or essential oils, which are very friendly to allergic babies.

3. Easy to carry, easy to make up

Balms are typically in aluminum or iron boxes, such as the zamac solid perfume case we produce. Most do not exceed 10 grams, are very light, do not take up space in the bag; and only need to apply a little on the wrist or ear roots, you can quickly make up the fragrance.


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