Selection Techniques Of Perfume

- Oct 01, 2019-

1, perfume is very volatile, and its table is fatal to perfume bottles. The tight gap between bottle mouth and bottle cap is the intrinsic standard of perfume bottle. When choosing perfume, you must pay attention to whether the bottle mouth and bottle cap are tight, otherwise the perfume will disappear after a while. Sprinkler head is also an important index to measure whether perfume bottle is qualified. When used for the first time, it is necessary to check whether the perfume bottle nozzle is flexible and whether there is leakage. 

2, perfume should be clear, transparent and bright. This method is very effective in identifying high quality perfume. In general, perfume made from natural spices is the color of spice itself, and most of them are amber or brown. The essential oils from flowers such as narcissus, jasmine and roses are usually greenish brown, yellow or white. High quality perfume has no precipitation. It is a clear, transparent liquid with high clarity. The color of perfume will not change for a long time. However, perfume containing jasmine essential oil will be more and more darker. This is due to the volatilization of perfume in perfume. 

3, taste is absolutely the most important in identifying the quality of perfume. High quality perfume is pure, without pungent alcohol flavor, and the fragrance can last for a period of time. Different spices will make the stability of perfume different. Stunt perfumes can usually last for 70 hours, and fragrant perfume usually takes about 60 hours. This is the degree of fragrance used in everyday perfumes. When you choose perfume, you can't smell the bottle directly, but use the test paper. But you can't smell it immediately after you spray it. Because the content of alcohol in perfume is as high as 80%. So you need to wait for the alcohol to volatilize before you can distinguish the good and bad of perfume. Generally, the waiting time is 5 minutes left and right. 

Globally, perfume is a $25 billion industry, with more than 300 new products coming on sale every year. Perfume in foreign countries is an element that has long been involved in all aspects of life. From children's educational supplies to various daily necessities, there is a professional involvement in perfume industry. In France, perfume is already an important element of French life, as well as food, clothing and shelter.