Notes For Perfume

- Sep 21, 2019-

1, perfume should not be sprinkled on the exposed parts easily exposed to the sun. Because some spices in perfume are extracted from natural plants. Some of these volatile oils contain some ingredients such as lemon oil and so on. If sprayed on the face and easily exposed to the sun, the UVB in sunlight will be combined with the chemicals sprayed on the skin, resulting in photochemical reactions, which will eventually lead to skin inflammation on the face. And punctate black spots.

2, perfume should not be rubbed directly on the face and allergic skin. Because perfume contains a large amount of alcohol, especially toilet water, alcohol content is more, irritating, so the face and allergic skin and baby skin are not directly rub on it.

3, perfume should not always be sprinkled directly on the skin, because if the skin is stimulated by alcohol for a long time, it may cause allergic reactions. Therefore, we should change the way of using it. According to the situation, sometimes perfume is sprinkled on the fabric to distribute fragrance.

4, perfume should not be too thick or spilled too much, otherwise it will backfire. It will also lead to olfactory dysfunction, which is bad for the spirit. It will also give people a sense of loneliness and vanity.

5, perfume should not be painted on the forehead, under the armpit and shoes and other places prone to sweat. Because these parts are rich in sweat, it is easy to dilute the perfume, and the mixture of sweat and fragrance produces strange odor.

6, perfume should not be sprayed on fur, gold and pearls, because perfume will make them lose their natural luster.

7, two kinds of perfume should not be mixed together. The smell of the mixture will make the original perfume lose its pure flavor, and it may smell very uncomfortable.