New Created Zamac Perfume Caps, No Mould Cost, Low MOQ

- Jun 30, 2020-

LEADERS has created NEW zamac perfume caps, these are STANDARD zamac perfume caps, no need to pay for mould.

There are some customers would like to choose standard models therefore they can quickly order and put on mass market, the standard model is good choice for mass market perfumes, which is small MOQ, some times there will be stock, can be shipped immediately, and multi color options.

Below is some picture of the new models for your reference.


Here is a vedio for you to see the premium quality of our zamac caps:

Surface treatment for the standard zamac perfume caps can be electroplating and painting. The surface effect we can achieve are glossy, matt, brushed.

Regarding colors, the metallic colors are most popupar, gold, silver, bronze, gun black, chrome, nickel etc. Few customers would love to do pantone colors, we can realize it through painting (spray coating), any pantone color is available. The most exciting point is that all of our surface treatments and colors can pass the tests of perfume requirements, such as perfume test, alcohol friction test, salt spray test, and High-low temperature test. The PP inner we created is particular, clean and nice looking.

All the the pulling force of our zamac caps are within international standards which is 3.3lb ~ 6.6lb.

PP insert of zamac perfume cap

(You can see from picture that there is no rivet inside the PP inner, and no using glue at all, the assembly method of our PP inner is by "click fit" matching with zamac overcap. )

Would you like to check our standard zamac perfume caps? Please contact us for catalog.

Samples of standard zamac perfume caps available to offer, welcome to contact us. We are professional manufacturer of zamac perfume caps.