Main Ingredients Of Perfume

- Sep 18, 2019-

The manufacture of perfume is relatively simple, it will blend the spices and ethanol to a certain ratio, so that the essence can be dissolved in ethanol evenly. Owing to the fact that no solvent is usually used, perfumes are only dissolved in ethanol, so the amount of ethanol used should be determined after taking full account of the solubility of perfumes. The concentration of ethanol varies from 75% to 95% (the remaining 5% to 25% is pure water) according to the formulation requirements of various fragrances. The greater the flavour dosage, the higher the concentration of ethanol. The content of toilet water is 3%, the concentration of ethanol is 75%, the content of Cologne Perfume is 3% to 5%, the concentration of ethanol is 80 to 90%, and the content of cosmetics (perfume is generally spray type) is 7% to 7%, and the concentration of ethanol is 7% to 90%; Concentrated (generally "drop type") perfume content is 15% to 30%, and ethanol concentration is 92% to 95%. In fact, the concentration of ethanol is also related to the flavor formula. The alcohol concentration with high alcohol content can be lower.