Will Perfume Have A Shelf Life?

- Oct 13, 2020-

First of all, there is no shelf life of the perfume. In the perfume of foreign purchases, from the alert is can't see any words related to the shelf life. We all know that there is no shelf life liquor, wine is more put more alcohol, this is because there are 40% ~ 50% alcohol in liquor. And perfume, generally speaking, there are 78% of the proportion of alcohol, so more can't out of date. Shop sales of imported perfume on the mainland, however, the Chinese label is indeed have a shelf life, this is because our country's administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine regulations, cosmetics must be labeled expiration date and batch number, usually is 3 years.


However,Perfume still goes bad,  is not because of time, but because the light and heat. Sunlight can destroy chemical molecules in the perfume, leading to stale. High temperature can also lead to chemical composition is not stable, so that it is easy to decompose. Counter sample is put in the perfume, due to long-term exposure to counter the light irradiation, so taste perfume has differences with the new opened. So, as long as the light from thermal storage, perfume can be preserved for decades.