How To Use Perfume

- Sep 09, 2019-

Perfume is widely used. For example, sprinkling perfume on the skin, and the temperature of the body will make the aroma transpire from the body and make people attractive. Applying perfume to the inside of the ear, the elbow and the inside of the knees will bring a hazy beauty to people. If you put a little perfume on your handkerchief and put it in your pocket, you can send out a tempting breath from your pocket, open the empty bottle cap of perfume and put it in your hands. In the bag, when you open, there is always a favorite breath to welcome you; in the office drawer, you put a bunch of cotton with perfume on it. When you switch the drawer, the fragrance will accompany you and refresh your mind. Spraying perfume on the air conditioning vent or electric fan leaves will make the room cool and fragrant. When a drop of perfume is dripped on the bulb, the heat of the bulb will spread the fragrance to the whole. It is comfortable in a room. When you wash your hair, add a few drops of perfume to wash your hair during the last time of washing. When you wash the bath, add a few drops of perfume to the bath. It will not only moisturize the skin, but also make the skin fragrant; sprinkle some perfume in the wardrobe, not only in the wardrobe, but also in the fragrance of the clothes. Sprinkle on pillows, pillow covers and sheets, and when you sleep, the fragrance will make you particularly comfortable. The perfume of roses and jasmine will be applied to your feet before going to bed. After your wrist and ears, you will be more sweeter, because the perfume will have a calming and soothing spirit. There is sour smell on the washcloth, and after washing the water, two drops of perfume can be put on the towel to remove the peculiar smell. Prickly heat, use perfume to smear the affected area, can eliminate or reduce prickly heat; itch after mosquito bites, perfume can reduce inflammation and relieve itching; when dizziness and fatigue, use perfume to smear temples can refresh the mind.