How To Do Alcohol Friction Test For Metal Cap

- Oct 30, 2020-

Metal cap is widely used for perfume and wine packaging, many Luxury brands and Niche perfume brands use zamak caps, the surface treatment of zamak caps is mostly electroplating, some will be paiting. Both perfume and alcohol contains large amounts of alcohol. The bottle cap is easily touch with the perfume or alcohol, therefore the surface layer of metal cap must pass the alcohol friction test to ensure that the cap will not fade or change color or causing adverse reactions to perfume and alcohol. 

Test operation method of alcohol friction testing:

1. Fix two metal caps / zamak caps on the slot position of the machine,

2. Apply more than 97℃ industrial alcohol onto cotton cloth with 500g weight, 

3. Rub it back and forth 100 times.

Approval standard: 

The metal cap or zamak cap is qualified if the plating bottom layer is not exposed. 

Alcohol friction test for zamak cap

Here is a vedio to show the alcohol friction test for zamak perfume caps:

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