How To Distinguish The Quality Of Perfume

- Oct 03, 2019-

First, every bottle of perfume has production batch number. Whether it's a genuine standard or a small sample, there is a transparent plastic paper on the bottom of the bottle. It has a name, specification and place of origin.

Second, the genuine perfume bottle bottom and the bottom of the outer packing box have a uniform number. If the bottom of the bottle is GC118, the bottom of the box must also be GC118. The bottom of the false perfume bottle and the bottom of the box are not numbered.

Third, if you have used this perfume before, then you must be familiar with its fragrance. You can feel the same keynote when you use it. The imitation perfume is similar to the front flavor, but the flavor is different when it comes to it.

Fourth, pay attention to the sealing condition of perfume bottles. There is no gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap. Genuine perfume packaging is neat, clear pattern, bottle appearance without cracks. The original brand perfume is labeled with white label and written in Chinese, mainly imported batch number, brand supplier, net content and shelf life.

1. Look at colour and lustre: high perfumes made from natural spices have their original colors, mostly amber or brown, and look like jewels.

2. Smell and fragrance: excellent perfume, pure fragrance, and can keep for a period of time. No pungent alcohol or other unpleasant odors. According to the stability of the fragrance and the composition of the fragrance.

3. Check the packaging: the perfume that appeals to the woman's smell, but first often relies on its human visual image to attract women. While distinguishing the quality of perfume, we should pay special attention to the sealing condition of the perfume bottle. There is no gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, otherwise it will easily lead to the volatilization of alcohol. In addition, we should pay attention to whether the perfume packaging is neat, whether the pattern is clear, and whether the bottle is cracked or not. If a perfume bottle with a sprinkler is used, check whether the sprinkler is flexible or not.