Customized Plastic Perfume Cap Shipped To France

- Dec 18, 2019-

Today we shipped a new batch of plastic perfume caps to France for filling perfumes. Our old customer from America ordered these plastic perfume caps from us many times. It's customized design, customer offer drawing at the beginning, after evaluating mould cost and unit price, she decided to create mould. The plastic cap is successful made. We have produced many plastic caps for our customers.

A professional inspector come for inspection each time after the perfume caps ready, we can pass the inspection every time. The inspector will check color, size, fitting, leakage and also tape test, drop test etc for the plastic perfume caps. The pull force of the perfume caps are between 2.2 to 5lbs, it's very good fitting and hand feel.

Customized plastic perfume cap

Plastic perfume cap ready to ship