Customized Perfume Bottle Label

- Nov 19, 2019-

In the field of perfume packaging, the perfume brands love to use paper label to show the brand logo and perfume names, like the popular perfume Chanel No. 5 L'Eau and prestige brand Acqua Di Parma. Paper labels are nice material which are environmentally friendly, simple and concise.

Many brands especially the luxury brands love to use metal bottle labels, such as ROJA, Bella Bellissima etc love to use metal bottle labels to show the brand name and perfume names, metal bottle labels represent the luxury and high-end feel of the brand.

ROJA use aluminum bottle plaques and brass plaques for showing brand names, and Bella Bellissima use aluminum labels to show the brand name and perfume name.

Leaders is manufacturing high quality perfume bottle labels from different metals, zamac, brass, aluminum and stainless steel, personalized designs are available, and low MOQ.
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zamac perfume cap