Color Matching For Zamac Caps And Pump Sprayer

- Nov 19, 2019-

So glad to receive this question from some of our clients, because it means most of clients are so interested in our this ball zamac perfume cap:

zamac perfume cap

These days, our round zamac perfume cap samples sent to our clients for checking the surface electroplating, after receving smples, they said“Oh Ann, thank you, and this zamac cap looks so nice, but our pump gold color is more light gold and less red than your cap, is it possible to match the same color?”, when clients give me the feedback like this,I felt really happy, it means our clients trust us can solve this problem, in fact, we can do it.

And want to let more clients know about some information first,our cap is zamac material that processing technology is electroplating, and pump and collar are aluminum material that processing technology is oxidation, due to the difference of raw material and surface treatment technology, the gold color of pump&collar and zamac cap can’t be exactly same.


As per our experience, the pump can be adjusted as close as possible the caps' gold color:


So, if you want to order our this ball gold zamac cap, please don't worry about the pump gold color is different with the zamac cap anymore!