Can Zamac Perfume Cap To Be Done With Wooden Pattern Effect?

- Oct 09, 2020-

Zamac perfume cap is more and more popuplar among the packaging material for perfume since it's luxurious, heavy, rich feel adorn the whole perfumes slap-up. 

Most Zamak perfume caps on the market are metallic finishes, glossy or matte, which is common caps. But has anyone ever thought about it?

Zamac caps can be made to have a wood-like surface! This technology has been successfully made by our company (LEADERS). 

After process of "die casting", we did a special treatment on the surface to achieve "wooden" effect, after the wooden treament done, electroplating can be done on surface to make colors,

Usually black is the best option, because black makes the cap more like the color of the wood. Other color is avialable to achieve wood effect by painting, brown, grey, or bamboo color. 

A picture for you to see how the wooden effect zamac cap looks:

wooden effect zamac perfume caps

Are you using wooden cap for your perfume? Try to make it from zamac now. 

Imagine a Zamac perfume cap owns the luxury feel of metal also a wooden finish, What a special package it is.