Basic Information Of Perfume

- Aug 21, 2019-

Simply speaking, perfume, flavor and spice are all volatile substances. They have a certain aroma and fragrance, and can be perceived by people's sense of smell or taste. They need to be enjoyable, spiritual pleasure and rich to beautify people's material culture and life.

Perfume is a product of perfume dissolved in ethanol. Sometimes, as required, trace additives such as pigments, antioxidants, fungicides, glycerin and surfactants can also be added. Different kinds of perfume are prepared through the technology of flavoring, that is, the technology and art of flavoring. According to the aroma, it can be divided into two categories: flower fragrance and fantasy perfume. The fragrance of flowery perfume is mostly simulated by natural flower fragrance. It is mainly composed of roses, jasmine, Narcissus, Magnolia, lily of the valley, gardenia, orange blossom, lilac, tuberosa, acacia, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lavender and so on. Fantasy perfume is a new fragrance created by the artist through natural phenomena, customs, scenery, place names, characters, emotions, music and painting. Fancy perfume often has very nice names, such as Su Xinlan, Chanel No. five, night flight, night Paris, Christmas night, joy, horse, poison, opium, sand dune, etc.