Zinc alloy die casting

- Nov 29, 2019-

The first aspect: zinc alloy die casting is based on the metal proportion, which is specified. Zinc is the main metal, and then a certain amount of aluminum, magnesium and copper are added to smelt the zinc alloy ingot needed for production, which is the basis of qualified zinc alloy die casting.

The second aspect: when the raw materials of zinc alloy die casting are returned to the furnace, the ratio of new and old raw materials should be 7:3, which is the best ratio and can reduce the aluminum consumption during the recasting of zinc alloy.

The third aspect: after the raw material is made, the temperature of the melt nozzle material should be controlled within 430 ℃. Avoid unnecessary loss of metal at high temperature. There are also electroplating wastes after production that can be separately put into the furnace for recasting.

The fourth aspect: all die casting factories should concentrate their work and melt zinc alloy ingots in the same furnace. In this way, not only the cost of melting can be reduced, but also the flux can be used to the maximum extent to ensure that every process is accurate.

Fifthly, the cost of zinc alloy die-casting should not be increased. We should pay attention to store in a ventilated, non humid, clean warehouse. We should also strictly control the storage in the warehouse to prevent impurities.