Zamac perfume packaging made in China

- Jan 13, 2020-

"1 + X" planning system of "made in China 2025" was released. This marks that the top-level design of "made in China 2025" is basically completed and has entered the implementation stage.

"1" refers to "made in China 2025", and "X" refers to 11 supporting implementation guidelines, action guidelines and development planning guidelines, including 5 implementation guidelines for national manufacturing innovation center construction, industrial foundation strengthening, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation, 2 special action guidelines for developing service-oriented manufacturing and equipment manufacturing quality brands, as well as new materials and information Four development planning guidelines for industrial, pharmaceutical and manufacturing talents.

"The implementation of" made in China 2025 "is a major strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and also the first ten-year program of action for China to achieve the strategic goal of building a strong manufacturing country." Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said at a press conference recently at the fifth session of the 12th National People's Congress that "the fundamental purpose of implementing this strategy is to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of China and meet the needs of the domestic market for various equipment and industrial products."

The core of the concept of "industry 4.0" put forward by Germany is to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and replace a large number of human labor with automatic intelligent industrial robots, so as to get rid of the disadvantage of high labor cost. Like industry 4.0, made in China 2025 is to replace a large number of human labor with intelligent production. We urgently need to transform the manufacturing industry, need supply side reform, and finally we need a Chinese version of industry 4.0.

The implementation of the plan represents that China's manufacturing industry has entered a very critical stage. Replacing a large number of low-end labor positions with machines does not necessarily mean that a large number of working people are unemployed, but it will definitely eliminate a large number of people with low educational background or who are unable to quickly learn new knowledge and skills.

Intelligent manufacturing factories also need people to operate. This change will force the quality of the manufacturing workforce to improve. Accordingly, the extremely low salary and welfare of blue collar workers in China, which has been criticized by us, will also be greatly improved. The production efficiency has been improved and the wages of employees have been higher. However, due to the reduction of the overall labor cost, the profits of the enterprise have been higher and the prices of products have been cheaper.

The product information integration of the enterprise directly connects with the customers on an intelligent service platform, which saves the inefficient dealers and realizes the direct connection between the producers and the final consumers. These seemingly futuristic lifestyles are now technically possible, and the changes they bring will not stop at the technical level.

At this stage, the biggest B2B platform is Alibaba, but many die-casting companies don't want to leave their fate to Alibaba alone, because Alibaba is only a company, based on the strategy that eggs can't be put in one basket, Alibaba seems to cover a very comprehensive, huge energy, but it is always vigilant.

But if the State takes the lead in this intelligent service platform, it can obtain the resources that Alibaba is unlikely to obtain, the resources of the government departments. For the die-casting companies, this is not only a major good, but also represents the reform of the administrative simplicity.