Wooden packaging box for perfume packaging

- Dec 05, 2019-

The development of wooden perfume box packaging reflects the development level of social economy. The general trend of wooden perfume box packaging design is from complexity to simplicity, advocating green environmental protection.

A successful commodity packaging can not only express the characteristics and uses of commodities, but also affect people's emotions. In the process of wooden perfume box packaging design, designers must focus on customers, pay attention to the psychological impact of color on consumers, think from multiple perspectives, combine the characteristics of commodities, use innovative ideas to show the color matching in wooden perfume box packaging design, and bring fresh feelings to customers.

Designers should consider how to attract the attention of consumers in the shortest time, so that consumers can enjoy their senses, at the same time, they can more accurately convey the characteristics and information of the product itself, enhance consumers' purchase desire, and promote commodity sales.