Wood materials for wooden cap packaging

- Dec 11, 2019-

Mahogany is the national tree of the Dominican Republic, native to tropical America. Mahogany is mainly produced in Honduras, Peru, Brazil and other central and South American countries. West Indian mahogany; produced in Cuba, Bahamas and other Caribbean countries and the United States of Florida; African mahogany; produced in Nigeria, Gold Coast and other West African countries. Mahogany of Mexico; mahogany of Mexico, known as "mahogany of the Philippines" in the market, is not mahogany of borneodiaceae.

Neem is produced in tropical Africa and Madagascar, Gabon, Congo and Cameroon. There are about 60 species in China, most of them are in South China and southwest China, and a few genera are in the north of the Yangtze River and the south of Liaoning. In recent years, Haikou City and Sanya City in Hainan Province have planted this kind of tree. I am familiar with the tubular neem. Let's talk about the tubular neem.