Wood coatings for wooden cap packaging

- Dec 11, 2019-

Wood products can be divided into transparent paint and opaque paint according to whether to cover the wood texture. The former uses transparent paint to form a transparent film on the surface of wood products, which preserves the natural texture of wood and makes it particularly clear. The latter uses opaque paint containing pigment to form an opaque film on the surface of wood products to cover the texture and color of wood 。 There are many kinds of coatings used for wood products coating, but no matter which one, it is composed of several basic components:

1. The main film-forming material, which is the main material of the paint, makes the paint attached to the surface of wood products to form the paint film. The main components can form the film independently, or they can be bonded with the film-forming materials such as the paint to form the paint film.

2. The secondary film-forming material, mainly the pigment used in the coating, must take the main film-forming material as the binder to form the paint film together with the main film-forming material.

3. Auxiliary film-forming substances, which are diluents and various auxiliary materials. Diluent includes solvent, diluent and cosolvent.