Why use zamac perfume cap?

- Jan 02, 2020-

Perfume cap is the eye of whole perfume packaging. The special and unique design of a cap is the ornament for a bottle of perfume.
There are different material of perfume caps, why should we use zamac perfume cap?

Zamac perfume cap is heavy, cool touch feeling and its exquisite and elegant shape brings the luxurious and upscale visual for consumer. Niche perfume brand and luxury perfume brand love to use zamac perfume cap to embellish their exclusive perfume.

The production process of zamac perfume cap is: die casting-polishing-electroplating / cataphoresis / painting-assembly PP insert -packing. Among thoese surface treatment for zamac perfume cap, electroplating is the most popular decorative finished when corrosion and high abrasion resistance are required, which can be regularly done with gold, silver, rose gold, black and bronzed.  Besides the popular colors,
some special colors can be done also.

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