Who invented the perfume?

- Oct 27, 2020-

In ancient Egypt, around 1200 BC, the first perfumers named Tapputi appeared.She used wedges to record in detail how to make perfume with flower oil and resin.The ancient Egyptians believed that perfume was the sweat of the sun god, and that if you let it out into the air, you could communicate with the god.So they bathe in perfume, making it out of rose petals, mint and other materials, and soaking it in water so that the scent can spread all over the body.Of course, the ancient Egyptians were not just satisfied with their perfumes. They also invented glass and ceramic containers for storing them.It was not until 1500 BC that the fully crafted glass perfume bottle really appeared.One of the most common is the dark blue, opaque or transparent bottle body, at the same time with blue white and yellow zigzag pattern decoration.At this point, the history of perfume bottle really kicked off