Which perfume perfume of rose perfume is your favorite?

- Mar 31, 2020-

Rose thorns. A slight sting can produce such sensual pleasure. "Tom Ford said that it is true that this jar of rose prick taboo rose is really interesting from the beginning of its name. It also combines three kinds of wild roses in taste. It is composed of May rose, Turkish rose and Bulgarian rose, which is bright, pure, warm, sexy and intoxicating with perfect pink and rich floral fragrance.

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Aesop launched its fourth brand perfume in April 2020. It is also the first fragrance to be perfumed with flowers. This adorable perfume describes the process of the rose from bud to petal fading.

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In February 2020, Guerlain released "my imprinted rose flavor", with bold bold red tones at the bottleneck.

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In January 2020, Miss Dior joined the new member, "Miss Dior Rose Rose Eau De Toilette", emphasizing the fragrance of Glass's rose and its honey.

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