Which perfume bottles are worth collecting?

- Feb 21, 2020-

Perfume bottle is also a collection of art works, so how to choose perfume bottles for collection?

1. Age. Generally speaking, the earlier the perfume bottle is produced, the more valuable it is to collect and appreciate. Such as the first Century BC, the La glass style perfume bottles; from 50 to 150 years in the Amethyst bottle; the first Century first Century blowing glass cans, from them, can experience the true "lasting fragrance".

2. Origin. Perfume bottles from different origins record different customs and feelings, and they can feel different cultures. The oldest perfume in Cyprus discovered in the world is simply installed in a humble pottery bottle, while the exotic butterfly lady perfume bottle is more magnificent, revealing the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient oriental kingdom.

3. Material. The modern perfume bottle manufacturing industry is developed along with the glass crystal manufacturing industry. Therefore, glass and crystal are the main raw materials of modern perfume bottle design. In addition, porcelain, enamel and so on are also used to make perfume bottles. Of course, the overall effect is also related to modeling, color and decoration.

4. Shape. The shape of perfume bottles has been quite rich today. In addition to the shapes that can be described by square, circle, heart, crescent, cone and inverted trapezoid, there are many shapes that can not be described by language.

5. Color. The color of perfume bottles is extremely rich, usually light colored, especially light lemon yellow, because lemon yellow matches most of the color of the perfume, and can give people a fresh and refreshing feeling.

6. Decoration. Elegant, elegant perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting women's visual attention. The surface of the carved flowers, the beautiful flowers, the bottle caps, some of them should also be decorated with hand binding ties, so that the visual art of perfume bottles and the smell art of perfume have the same appreciation value.

7. Technology elements. Nowadays, more and more perfume packaging designs use concise and abstract expression methods, making the whole perfume feel simple and modern, and using all kinds of high-tech elements. If you just released the "Jennifer Lopes vitality lady perfume", its shape is the one and only when you lift it up and spin it in the sunshine quickly, you will be surprised to see the seven color beam flashing on the bottle, the ribbon of ribbon on the bottle is winding and dancing, the violet metal ring is contrasting with the perfume logo.

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