Whether domestic cosmetics should pay attention to the packaging of cosmetic bottles?

- Dec 17, 2019-

Domestic cosmetics should pay attention to the packaging of cosmetic bottles. For a long time in the past, domestic cosmetics manufacturers have been supporting players in the market. From large-scale shopping malls to general counters, it is almost difficult to see the figure of domestic cosmetics brands. However, with the efforts of all domestic cosmetics enterprises in the past decade or two, and the growing understanding of common sense of cosmetics by ordinary consumers, domestic cosmetics have begun to make efforts in recent years, and their market share has increased year by year. However, we found that the cosmetic bottle packaging of domestic cosmetic products has been following the packaging style of European and American cosmetic products, from appearance to material. This is not in line with the national elements and concepts that domestic cosmetics enterprises should focus on.

We all know that cosmetic bottles play a very important role in shaping the cosmetics brand. As long as we see the cosmetic bottles used by many international famous cosmetic brands, we can directly reflect the product brand without looking at the label. If we want to do well in the national concept of domestic cosmetics, we must start from the packaging of cosmetic bottles. Do not blindly follow and imitate the packaging design style of international famous cosmetics enterprises. This requires our cosmetics bottle packaging manufacturers to do a more correct docking with our domestic cosmetics enterprises.

For the packaging of cosmetic bottles, we hope that the domestic cosmetics manufacturers will pay more attention to the brand building process in the future.