What is the use of medicinal glass bottles for the perfume bottles?

- Jun 02, 2020-

Perfume bottle manufacturers usually choose medicinal glass bottles to produce perfume bottles. What advantages do perfume bottle have? Pharmaceutical glass bottles have good chemical stability: when using medical glass bottles as perfume bottle packaging containers, there is hardly any dissolving from container materials. Compared with other containers, pharmaceutical glass bottles have good chemical stability and durability, which is the advantage of pharmaceutical glass bottles over other packaging containers.

Pharmaceutical glass bottles are good sealed: glass perfume bottles can ensure good sealing. Unlike some plastic bottles and paper containers, glass containers are not aerated, so they can prevent the influence of outside air on perfume odors.

Pharmaceutical glass bottles are strong in pressure: the relationship between glass perfume bottles and glass chemical composition is not worth mentioning, but the surface of the bottle is closely related to its tensile properties. Even if the glass surface is scratched or bruised, the strength will be greatly reduced even if the damage is extremely slight

The shape of medicinal glass bottle is diversified: according to the type of products, whether there is gas or bactericidal or not, the glass perfume bottle can be designed into various shapes suitable for marketing, and it is free to choose its capacity and sealing form. Perfume bottles manufacturers usually make glass bottles very beautiful, and make them very popular.

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