What is the difference between genuine gold plating on perfume cover and imitation gold plating?

- Nov 27, 2019-

In terms of texture, the texture of real gold plating should be stronger, especially the metal texture. Although gold imitation plating can be done very close in color, you will feel more or less plastic, and its metal texture is relatively poor. 

From the perspective of durability, the genuine gold plating is not easy to be oxidized, and the storage time is very long. In the production of high-grade badges or nameplates, the genuine gold plating process is often used. 

Compared with the genuine gold plating, the imitation gold plating is relatively easy to be oxidized, and the retention time is relatively short. In addition, the cost of genuine gold plating is much higher than that of imitation gold plating. Therefore, if you care about the price and want to basically achieve the effect of genuine gold plating, imitation gold plating will be the best choice.

Perfume cover is the soul of a bottle of high quality perfume. So the gold of perfume cover is to make real gold or imitation gold. Do you know how to choose it?

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