What is the development trend of perfume bottle packaging in China?

- Nov 29, 2019-

For perfume bottle packaging, there are two main markets, one is perfume bottle cosmetic packaging market, the other is car perfume bottle packaging market. All along, cosmetic perfume bottles are imitating foreign capital based packaging, and perfume bottles are mainly packaged in luxury cars. Such packaging is clearly to improve the needs.

First of all, bottles for ordinary cosmetics perfume bottles and perfume bottles began to become the market capacity. As hot tourism and outdoor sports are more likely to rise, the volume of carrying perfume bottles is becoming more and more popular. For our perfume bottle manufacturers, we will provide timely information on this new trend.

Secondly, car perfume bottles, people's consumption concept is becoming more and more mature. In the past, consumers gradually abandoned the concept of luxury materials, which is more and more popular with the smell of literature and art, and green perfume bottles. The market is developing and changing every day. We hope the manufacturer will follow up in time.