Real gold or imitation gold, which color woud you prefer for your perfume packaging?

- Nov 26, 2019-

Gold electroplating is one of the most popular color for perfume packaging parts, however, there are real imitation gold plating and real gold plating in gold plating process, some brand prefer imitation gold plated for their perfume packaging, and some Niche perfume brands especially luxury brands prefer real gold plated for their perfume packaging. So what is the difference between imitation gold plating and real gold plating?

The corrosion resistance of real gold plating is strong, real gold plating has good conductivity, it’s easy for welding, and it resist high temperature, most important is It has good anti tarnishing ability. Moreover, gold alloy plating has a variety of colors, gold plating on silver can prevent discoloration, the plating layer has good ductility and easy polishing, so real gold plating is often used for decoration, such as jewelry, watches, arts and high-end perfume caps or bottle components and so on.

The imitation gold plating generally is electroplating copper-tin alloy or copper-zinc alloy, there are also using copper-zinc-tin three element alloys together. The appearance color of imitation gold coating can reach color and lustre of 16 - 18 karat gold, it is mainly looking as 18 karat gold, which can be determined by the process, formula and operating conditions.
Appropriate passivation treatment and coating of a transparent organic film are needed after plating imitation gold plating. Passivation treatment is an indispensable process, in addition to prevent the oxidation and discoloration, it can also neutralize the residual alkali on the surface of the parts.
In order to prevent the discoloration of the plating layer and destruction of the passivating film, after passivation treatment, a transparent and organic film with a certain hardness must be coated to protect the imitation gold plated parts.

On colors, Imitation gold color looks as green-yellow, and real gold color is orange-yellow.

real gold plated zamak perfume cap and imitation gold plated zamac perfume cap

For quality feel,real gold plating is stronger, especially the metal feel. Imitation gold plating can be made very close to real gold color, but the quality feel is relatively poor.

For durability, real gold plating is not easy to be oxidized, it can stay for a long time, in luxury perfume packaging, customers often use real gold plating for their bottle caps and parts. Comparing with real gold plating, imitation gold plating is easy to be oxidized, and the retention time is relatively short.

However for the cost, price for real gold plating is much higher than imitation gold plating, so if you are more concerned about price but you want to make your perfume packaging parts like zamac perfume caps to look like real gold plated, then imitation gold is your best choice, imitation gold plating is popular and widely used in decoration, jewelry and packaging field because it looks like real gold and inexpensive.

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