What are the packaging materials of perfume bottles?

- Apr 20, 2020-

Most modern perfume bottles are made of soda lime glass, but there are also a few high-end perfume bottles made of lead crystal glass. Because of the high price of the content, the cost of perfume bottles is not a factor for designers to consider.

Modern perfume bottle designers pay more attention to the shape, color and decoration of perfume bottles. In this way, consumers can not only "appreciate the heart", but also "appreciate the eyes". In actual use, it can also play the role of decorating the home room.

perfume packaging images

In all kinds of perfume bottles, most of them are high sodium white calcium glass, which are of high quality and few visible bubbles and stones. In addition to the functions of containers, this kind of perfume bottles can also clearly show the color of perfume so as to attract consumers' attention. Because clear and transparent perfume will remind people of high-end, coupled with consumers' favorite aroma, will often stimulate their desire to buy.