Unique perfume packagings

- Jan 14, 2020-

The super multicoloured box of this HERM S perfume is an excellent example of perfume manufacturers using bright colors to attract customers' attention. It adopts bold neon stripe design and imitates the fresh fragrance.

Herm È s designed the trend with this beautiful little bottle, which features a playful handmade silk bow and a hat that looks like the designer's iconic hat. The bottle itself is like a carriage lantern, adding a retro aesthetic to the packaging.


Valentino describes Donna as the perfume of "an independent person who can suddenly be passionate and accidentally shy", all of which is contained in Donna's pleasant female pink box. Simple, decorated boxes are safe and expected, while the inner bottles bring sudden passion.

The elegant, bold and pleasant perfume bottle is designed with a pink and white double color quilted crystal pattern. This unique effect is achieved by hand cutting a prism similar to a stud. The golden accent from the front to the top of the bottle brings a super luxurious feeling. This perfume bottle reflects the designer's signature charm.