Unique perfume packaging for female' fragrance

- Feb 25, 2020-

Gres Cabotine moonshine ladies Eau De Toilette

Designed by Michel Almairac of Robertet, which has many unique perfume works, the inspiration comes from the moment when people are revelling in mysterious and romantic moonlight nights. From Parfums Gr s s Paris moonlight beauty perfume, exclusive, confident and sexy young girl, all the unique mysterious sexy fragrance will make you more and more beautiful night, becoming the renowned queen of the moon tonight.


J.DEL POZO magic parrot Eau De Toilette

HALLOWEEN "magic parrot" limited edition perfume, the bottle design is classic and unique, hand-painted graphics exquisite and noble, like an ancient fairy tale depicts the world's most rare and precious treasure. The unique and lifelike hand-painted exquisite magic parrot is trapped in the mysterious old silver magic cage, waiting for the release of you who are eager for love, ready to spread the magic of love, warming the temperature of love, making the night full of mystery, full of magic charm brought by "magic parrot".