Three elements of perfume packaging

- Dec 10, 2019-

Perfume packaging design is the first impression of consumers on perfumes, "people rely on clothes, Buddha rely on gold." Paying attention to the packaging does not mean the perfume / fragrance is not outstanding, but outstanding perfumes need more unique packaging to show. How to use perfume packaging to show the characteristics of perfumes, advantages, and even set up a brand image, this is the charm of perfume packaging.

There are three important elements of perfume packaging: appearance, construct and material.

The appearance element is the appearance of the commodity package display surface, including size and shape of the display surface. Various geometric forms take turns here, among them the most popular shape is rectangle and square.

Construct elements are more complex because it is a complete picture of the logo, graphics, text and combinations on the display.The combination of the four sides constitutes the overall effect of the packaging and decoration.Commodity design composition elements trademark, graphics, text and color use correctly, appropriate, beautiful, can be called excellent design works.

Materials are the easiest to change and the easiest to make mistakes. Material elements are the surface texture and texture of the material used in perfume packaging. It often affects the visual effect of perfume packaging. Material element is an important link of packaging design, which is directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging, production and processing methods, recycling and other aspects of the problem.

It is a good idea to come up with a unique idea in any one of these areas. Below we come here to see these fan dead perfume besides conquer your smell, how to conquer your vision even.



Open this ivory white box, you can see a gold vase with gilt engraving and crystal cap on the simple white satin. The gold cap is made from zamac and attahced with Swarovski crystals, the minimalist design accentuates the baroque luxury.

2. Mendittorosa

Mendittorosa 1_副本

Mendittorosa 2_副本

Mentitorosa's perfume packages are interesting. Almost every bottle has a rough stone top. In addition to the small wooden box, it also comes with a tarot card. Subtlety can give consumer a little surprise.

3. House of sillage

House of sillage_副本

House of sillage 1_副本

This luxury brand is unique in its fragrance, but its packaging is also an important factor in its reputation.Its packaging can always bring freshness, it plays the three elements in the perfume packaging very well, this crystal ball shows New York Christmas Eve corner, with releasing on Christmas Eve, this is the perfect creativity of Christmas holiday.

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