There is also a big reform in a bottle of perfume.

- Feb 26, 2020-

The one and only one bottle of unique perfume is love. This kind of perfume personalized service in recent years in Paris, Brussels, Hongkong and other places is now entering Shanghai.

Beginning in late 9, the Guerlain brand of the famous international luxury giant Lu Wei Ming Xuan Group officially provided personalized perfume service to consumers in mainland China. The first group of stores entering Shanghai stores has 35 kinds of fragrances for personal selection, and 8 choices for external packaging.

However, behind a seemingly simple personalized customization service, there are complicated regulatory issues involved: how to ensure the quality of personalized packaging service is controllable? What should we do if the second labeling with personalized information is inconsistent with the current supervision requirements of the Customs for the labeling of imported cosmetics? How does the placement and packaging service of perfume meet the fire requirements?

Before the introduction of this innovative service into mainland China, LVMH group and Guerlain brand had various concerns, which were told to Shanghai Jing'an District Business Committee.

According to Lin xiaojue, director of Jing'an District Business Committee, under the "through the needle" of the business sector, many departments take the initiative to step forward and continue to "work together" to innovate the regulatory model. Finally, this innovative service was designated as a personalized service extension format, and the industry association formulated the first national group standard in the field. The regional market supervision bureau supervised the enterprise according to the management standard of the enterprise's reporting. The Shanghai Customs Department extended some port inspection and supervision functions, while ensuring the product safety while innovating the supervision mode; the fire department set the process of perfume service. Planning, daily management, store renovation and other programs and requirements are put forward to make innovative services "safe to use".

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