The reason for the fracture of aluminum alloy die casting

- Dec 24, 2019-

The core pulling of aluminum alloy die casting die frequently breaks in production. It is found that the white layer is not removed after EDM, and the corrosion of internal cooling water eventually leads to the fracture. After that, the EDM process was adjusted to reduce the thickness of the white layer; the surface of the inner cavity was electropolished to increase the surface finish of the inner cavity; the corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor were added to the cooling water to reduce the corrosion effect of the cooling water on the inner cavity of the core pulling, thus extending the core pulling life of the mold.

H13 steel hot work die steel is widely used in die casting die, hot forging die and hot extrusion die for its excellent hardenability, room temperature and high temperature properties. At present, H13 steel is widely used in aluminum alloy die casting dies, and Yuge also uses the steel to make die core pulling. But in the actual production, the core pulling of aluminum alloy die-casting die frequently breaks. Now, this fracture is analyzed to find a reasonable and feasible way to avoid frequent fracture.