The perfumes for love

- Mar 04, 2020-

A love meeting in Grace in 1997 gave birth to the M. miracle brand. Husband Geoffrey is a banker in Germany. My wife, Martine, runs a beauty shop. The husband is in charge of flavoring, and the wife is in charge of the manual design and packaging of the bottles. Although there are only 25 people in the grand factories, their perfume is exported to all countries. Now there are 960 branches of their perfume.

When I met Geoffrey, French English spoke very well. Travel all year round, and his wife all over the world looking for a variety of spices.

Martine is an artist. In the bottle's post-processing, careful painting, like a piece of art. The bottle is inlaid with Swarovski and blingbling, which is just a woman's favorite. Perfume is the industry of women.

Their family has three main fragrances: Ananda, Watch, Mon Parfum, and each of their products is the result of their love.