The perfume packaging you will like

- Mar 04, 2020-

The Spanish brand, Ramon B e jar, is the artistic director and joint fragrance technician of this brand, which fully embodies the combination of artistic collision and perfume. The first perfume was introduced in 2010, and there are 16 fragrances. There are four series, all kinds of crystal and zinc alloy cover packaging to highlight the luxurious feeling.

They put some raw materials like gold in perfume bottles, and they hope that customers will not only smell the perfume, but also see a layer of gold powder and silver powder on their skin. From quantum theory, this is the energy released by the combination of perfume molecules and mineral molecules.

Ramon B é jar is not only a perfumer at this time, he is more like a physicist. Let's feel the energy created by different substances, and try to make us feel that everything on this planet is alive and alive.