The material of glass bottle for perfume packaging

- Dec 23, 2019-

Glass bottles

1. Glass bottles used in cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (cream, emulsion), perfume, essential oil, nail polish and other categories with small capacity, and those with capacity greater than 200ml are rarely used in cosmetics.

2. Glass bottle is divided into wide mouth bottle and narrow mouth bottle. Solid paste is generally made of wide mouth bottle, which should be equipped with aluminum cap or plastic cap. The cap can be used for color oil injection and other effects. Emulsion or water-based paste is generally made of narrow mouth bottle, which should be equipped with pump head. Attention should be paid to prevent spring and ball from rusting. Now most pump heads are equipped with glass beads, which are usually used for material body test and applicable test, such as cover It needs to be equipped with inner plug. The small hole for water agent is the same as the inner plug, and the large hole inner plug for thicker emulsion.

3. The glass bottle has the same material selection, more shapes, rich processing technology and diversified matching with the bottle cap. The common bottle shapes are cylindrical, elliptical, flat, prismatic, tapered, etc. the factory will develop a series of bottle shapes. There are spray, transparent, frosted, translucent color matching, silk screen printing, bronzing, silver stamping and so on.

4. Screen printing: there are two kinds of glass bottle screen printing: one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is not easy to decolorize, the color is relatively dull, purple color matching is difficult to produce effect, the other is low temperature ink screen printing, the color is relatively bright, the ink requirements are high, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to the bottle detoxification.