The knowledge of cosmetics industry

- Dec 20, 2019-

In fact, cosmetics include skin care products, beauty products and perfume. All kinds of eye cream, night cream, SOD honey and sunscreen can be classified as skin care products; shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, nail polish and other cosmetics can be classified as beauty products; and perfume can always be self-made. Cosmetic packaging plays an important role in the value of cosmetics. It has been a compulsory course for many manufacturers to discuss cosmetic packaging.

1、 Main functions of cosmetic packaging

General cosmetics are mostly liquid, emulsion or paste, without a distinctive appearance. Only through exquisite and unique packaging design can it show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics generally rely on packaging to sell well. From the consumer's heart, first of all, we should arouse the consumer's attention, and then trigger the consumer's desire to buy. That is to say, only when cosmetic packaging attracts people's attention can a series of behaviors take place in the future. According to the study of human eyeball activity, people are the fastest to respond to color. The strength of packaging may depend on how to reconcile the color contrast so that it is lively and eye-catching in the store, and soft but not dazzling after buying it home. When consumers are attracted to the cosmetics display rack by advertisements, they stop and linger. If the packaging makes it buy, then the packaging design is a failure.

It is one of the decisive means for cosmetics manufacturers to adopt fashionable, eye-catching, dynamic and interesting outer packaging design and new type of application. Take the well-known P & G as an example, the bottle body material of the newly launched "refreshing" bath brand has changed from the previous hard plastic texture to the more humanized soft plastic, which increases the affinity of its products in the intangible. It can be said that the successful launch of "refreshing" has nothing to do with the selection of packaging materials.

2. Improve taste

In people's daily life, cosmetics are becoming an indispensable product. While beautifying life, cosmetics have also formed a huge business opportunity, which can not be ignored consumer market. All kinds of skin care concepts emerge in endlessly, all kinds of packaging compete for brilliance, making people dazzled. Many products sell not only efficacy, but also fashion and culture. The fashion and culture of cosmetics are usually what we call taste. How to reflect the taste of cosmetics, in addition to product advertising and product counter display, packaging is an important link. Appropriate packaging can not only stimulate the senses of consumers directly, but also embody the taste of products incisively and vividly. Therefore, as the "coat" of products, my packaging should not only have the function of containing and protecting products, but also have the function of attracting purchase and guiding consumption.

Taking the crystal series products produced by Dalian eco Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. as an example, due to its unique paste manufacturing process, the first example uses the full-automatic computer paste making machine to make various kinds of essences with different functions into spherical particles, filiform flowers and other shapes, which are placed in a slightly transparent gel, not only the appearance is crystal clear, fashionable and beautiful, but also the essences are completely sealed, And use the conduction function of active metal ions to make it more quickly and effectively recover the natural vitality of skin and eliminate skin problems than ordinary cream like skin care products. Considering the beauty of the paste, designers tend to choose organic glass materials with good transparency, strong plasticity, the same hand feel as glass, and stronger quality and high gloss as gold and silver caps, which endow crystal series cosmetics with the connotation of luxury and fashion. Since the product was put on the market, it has been favored by young and middle-aged female friends.

3. Improve value

The psychological value of cosmetics plays a very important role. For the same 4G lipstick, Shiseido, CD, Lancome, Givenchy and so on, the price is as high as hundreds of yuan, while the price of domestic brand lipstick is generally only tens of yuan or even lower. This includes the psychological value of the product's own appearance, packaging and decoration, trademark, corporate image and other factors.