The introduction of auto perfume for perfume industry

- Dec 16, 2019-

Auto Perfume is a kind of liquid mixed with essential oils, fixative and alcohol. It is used to make the car have a lasting and pleasant smell. The commonly used vehicle fragrances in the market are mainly aerosols, liquid and solid three kinds.

The aroma of cars is usually made by the perfumer, which is repeatedly refined and screened by natural flavors. The flavors are blended in a certain proportion. The fragrance is durable. Some of them are spices extracted from natural aroma, and also have the function of sterilization and odor elimination.

But it is important to know that car perfume has a great effect on disguise the smell of cars. But long term use, because of its chemical composition, will affect human health. It is recommended to use a period of time to strengthen ventilation treatment or air purification spray for air purification.