The importance of good zinc alloy mold to perfume packaging

- Dec 24, 2019-

First of all, good die-casting parts are pressed out by the die-casting mold. If the die-casting mold is not opened well, the latter die-casting parts are not qualified! Poor die-casting die will give die-casting production and quality formation of greater adverse factors.

For example, the troublesome bubbles, air holes, slag holes, pinholes, cracks, cracks, cracks, strains, deformation, dislocation, cold materials, cold lines, cold shuts, under casting, looseness, shrinkage holes, mold flying materials, etc. are the main reasons for the formation of doubts and frequent quality problems, which are caused by the poor die-casting mold!

At present, the design ability and service life of the die-casting die are also constantly improved. In the die-casting industry, every process should be careful and precise, and no carelessness is allowed. Because every process is very important, the die-casting hardware factory should not neglect, and the carelessness of each process may bring adverse factors to the die-casting.