The green future of cosmetic packaging bottle

- Dec 12, 2019-

Cosmetic packaging bottle also began to walk "green wind". All kinds of innovative environmental protection materials are constantly applied to this industry.


The utility model relates to a transparent and non crystalline copolyester, which has glass like transparency, glossiness, chemical corrosion resistance, impact resistance and can be recycled. It has been applied to perfume bottles, cosmetic bottles, lipstick tubes, cosmetic boxes, etc.

Bamboo plastic

Bamboo fiber and bamboo powder are used as raw materials instead of logs and EPE foam as cushioning and packaging materials. It can reduce the use of wood pulp, reduce the damage to forest trees, and the bamboo growth process is fast, and the processing process is more water-saving.

Bran paper

Use bran as raw material to replace the same wood pulp and reduce the use of wood. At the same time, the product can also have the color of natural bran, giving people a more environmentally friendly feeling.

Although new environmental protection materials emerge in an endless stream and green cosmetic packaging bottles are gradually becoming the mainstream, some enterprises have excessive packaging. This result will not only increase the cost of products and the burden of consumers, but also cause serious waste of resources. Even if environmental protection materials are used, they can't make up for the green side.

Therefore, the green future of cosmetics packaging needs not only green materials, but also green ideas of enterprises, so as to promote the whole cosmetics industry chain to a more green direction.