The efficacy of aromatherapy candles

- Aug 07, 2019-

When the fragrance diffuses in the room, the efficacy is displayed on the body.

Respiratory tract: Through the sense of smell, blood is transported to every part of the body. Because the mucosa in the nasal cavity is acidic and can effectively absorb substances.

Lung Exchange: After entering the lung from the respiratory tract, alveolar oxygen is transported from the blood vessels to the whole body.

Brain Center: The olfactory receptor directly enters into the brain central system, prompting the brain to secrete hormones. Different tastes can stimulate the brain to secrete different hormones. Hormones themselves are composed of many chemical components, which are transmitted to cells in various parts of the body to achieve therapeutic effect.

When it comes to "healing" effects, different aromatic candles emit different aromas, which also have different effects on the body, such as chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and so on. Sweetness is the main flavor in the taste, which helps to eliminate depression. As for the fragrance of flowers, such as jasmine, roses, lilies and chrysanthemums, all have the function of arousing emotion, eliminating unhappiness in the heart and accelerating blood circulation. Some plants, such as lavender, tea and cypress, can bring healing functions, calm the body and mind, and have antimicrobial effects.